9 Steps to Manifest Money Fast [Plus Money Manifestation Checklist]

How to manifest money Really Fast

Are you struggling with your financial situation, and want to manifest money really fast?

I can totally sense that ache in the center of the heart when despite all hard work, all good hopes, and prayers, it never seems to show up in our lives the way we want.

Well. You’re in the right place.

Because in this post, I am going to show you a perfect 9-step manifestation system that works really well (if you do that right).

I have tried it for myself with huge success, and seen people I have worked with, getting great results. 

So let’s start the work.

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Make Money Fast Checklist

And what we meet with, every day,  is – SIMPLY LACK of it.

Paying bills looks like a tough struggle.

Credit card debt tends to heighten up week after week.

You might have had  made plenty of plans to enjoy that dream vacation, buy your favorite gadget, but most of your plans have fallen flat so many times that now you fear even making plans.

So now what? Should you just give up, and wait for your destiny to show some kindness to you some day, or do something that really works but you never tried before.

The second option sounds good to try. I hope you agree. If so, read on.

Today, I am giving you a step by step system to Manifest Money Fast that always works if done right.


Take a close look at 9 Steps to Manifest Money Really Fast

Step 1: First thing first – Take Responsibility

 If you’ve been consistently struggling with money, simply accept that there is something beyond destiny that seriously needs to get fixed.

In most cases, people generally refuse to take the accountability for this lack. 

Accept that blaming on situations, economy, circumstances, parents or environment will make the thinks even worse, because doing so would take off your control on your own life. Hence, that’s not going to work in your favor.

Do this instead.

Show a fair amount of courage, and admit in your own head that nothing, or no one else is responsible but it’s you who can change your money story.

Step 2: How much do you really want?

Most of the people start off on the wrong foot. They would estimate their income, and create their spending budget.

Now you may ask me, what’s wrong with this? This approach looks absolutely perfect.

Yes it looks good traditionally. But the problem here is that your lifestyle remains limited to what you earn

No, I am by no means telling you to boost off your spending blindly for no reasons. 

You just need to shift your train of thought to a different track leading to a much abundant destination.

When you say: 

“I want to go on a beach vacation, but nothing left to buy that after paying the bills”. 

“I will have do economy, so I could afford that new phone”, 

or anything else like that, you already create a lack in your mindset.

You affirm that your money is limited, so spend that only to satisfy strict needs.

This mindset is moving you away from making the dollars and pounds that you wish to appear in your life out of nowhere.

Take a different route.

Remember when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. 

Grab a paper and pen, and write how much money a month will be enough to cover your needs and desires, and make you feel comfortable. Don’t be a miser here. 

Be generous and write down everything that comes in your wild thought.

This exercise is going to help you in the larger picture. Done repeatedly, it will enhance your money mindset. 

Write down that amount in bold letters.

You should always have a plan for what you’re going to do with the money you want to manifest. 

For example, you would like to live in your dream home. How much would cost you living in there? What all would you need on top of that – furniture, furnishings, appliances, crockery, and what else?

Spend some time with it, and let it sink in.

Step 3: Ask yourself “what does it take from you to earn that amount of income?”

You need to really trust your instinct.

The truth is that if you know a question, you already know the answer. That answer, however, is hidden somewhere inside you. 

All you need to do is pop that out with the gravitational power of your intuition.

Trust your instinct.

Quiet your mind chatter. Be comfortable in your skin, and just relax. 

The plan to earn this money will show up in some time. 

The only condition is not to doubt the system, and be patient with relaxed, full of gratitude mindset.

Anxious minds don’t usually find great solutions. 

When you start trusting the universe, it will give you all the reasons to trust it even more.

Being an intense Law of Attraction practitioner, I can tell you this from my own rich experience. I have attracted almost everything I have desired in the past 3 years. 

And I am guiding you though every single step that needs to be taken to manifest an enriched, stress free, and worry free life in my “Road to Riches” Program.

Step 4: Take inspired action

If you think that Law of attraction is simply dreaming, imagining, and vibrating with NO ACTION, change that thought right away.

Here, I am not talking about thoughtless action, or something that other people around us have suggested to do. 

When we set out a desire the right way, the universe shows us an execution plan. To identify and execute that “Plan of execution” is our job.

I usually see people staying “too busy” without producing any significant results. This vague meaningless “busyness” can never give us fulfillment, therefore obstruct manifestation.

There are lots of people who have a full-time job, a family, but despite all that they find the time to start a business on the side. Starting your online business doesn’t cost a lot of money. If you are an expert in some subject, you can launch your online course and sell it to people who need it.

Be as enthusiastic as you can with your actions. 

Find your flow state, where you absorb yourself in the work that you passionately do. 

You enjoy it to the extent that you cross the boundaries of time, and the best part is that this work does feel like work, but just pure enjoyment.

Remember that the Enthusiastic enjoyable action is the key to magnetic manifestation.

Step 5: Deal with your Money Blocking Factors

While walking on the “path shown by the universe”, you are most likely to meet your fears and blocking beliefs on the way. 

Beating all these limiting factors is again your job.

These limiting factors are the patterns that you have picked up as side effects of growing up. 

Because people around you, who have had their own struggles with money thing, told you a variety of times and occasions that money is something:

“hard to get”, 

“doesn’t grow on trees”

“may push you on a wrong path”,

root of all evil”,

“won’t ever come without hardest work” or 

“you may never be good enough or fortunate enough to get enough of it”

 And all of that has occupied a “permanent place” in your subconscious mindset, and not ready to vacate its home space.

Whenever you find yourself thinking these thoughts, just stop.

  1. Write this limiting thought or belief on a piece of paper.
  2. Ask yourself why are you thinking it?
  3. Affirm that it’s not true.
  4. Take a couple minutes, and write down all the evidences that prove this evil thought false. These evidences can be your own tiny or big life experiences that nullify this belief.

Do that with every limiting belief as much as possible.     

Step 6: Have complete faith. Show confidence in yourself.

 If you think that it would take something out of the world to make you the amount of money that you are seeking, and you

  • still have to work really hard, and go a long way to deserve it.
  • are going to get it SOME DAY, and you’re perhaps NOT READY for it RIGHT THIS MOMENT.
  • can’t fulfill your money desires being you, yourself with the knowledge and skills that you possess right now,
  • were not born in the fortunate colorful gardens, so it’s nearly impossible for you to live an abundant lifestyle.
  • Or anything like that

Commit Right Now to change all that, because these are some “Self-worth Struggles” that are blocking your good luck.

Abundance is your Natural State

In case you don’t know already, every individual is born to live an abundant life. 

So, abundance is your natural state.

But as we grow up, and pick up wrong, limiting beliefs and self concepts, we get trapped in a vicious circle of lack and misery.

And as we never get to THINK OUT OF IT, not many manage to escape this fate.

Being modest and underplay your achievements are two different things.

Be proud of your accomplishments. 

Feeling diminished won’t at all help you.

Just be what you already are, and show that you’re capable of doing beyond ordinary things on this planet.

You don’t need external approval for feeling fulfilled.

This world will not decide what you are; you will tell them your real worth, and they will have to believe that.

And more than that, it’s your own self image in your own eyes that will make all the difference to your life.

So, believe in yourself.

The universe will reflect your own thoughts into your life in form of people, resources, situations, and yes, of course, your desired amount of money.

Step 7: Don’t worry about your bills and debt. Maintain your joyous state of mind.

Life can and will show us its ugly side when we get caught up in this “lack state”.

Now remember, you need to face such situations with good emotions. It would take some practice initially, but when you learn the game, all this turns easy and manageable for you.

For example, you mortgage is due next week, and you don’t know where to get the money from to pay it off.

I totally understand that it is a tough situation.

But what happens if you worry over it. These worry thoughts

  • Snatch your peace of mind,
  • Force you to lose control over what you can do,
  • Make you mad, and you surrender yourself to be acted upon by this difficult situation, and
  • Build the momentum, and attract even worse situations.


Take a few deep mindful breaths.

Think about 3 great things you feel good about on this day.

Ask yourself “what can I do to turn this situation in my favor.” 

And trust your instinct to give you the awesome solutions.

Step 8: Don’t attach yourself with results


Why not yet?

What if it doesn’t happen?

Don’t get into this trap.

I know, and I have been doing the same sometime or the other, only to realize later that it brings nothing but negative feelings and emotions which eventually lower our vibrations and obstruct the way connecting to our desire.

Desperation is a sibling of fear based thoughts; Fear originates from “feeling of loss”, and fills us with doubt and distrust.

And you know well by now that none of us can afford to send that vibration if we really want to realize our desires.

So, if you feel the temptation to worry over lack, replace that feeling with pure faith in the unseen.

Just enjoy the action you’re putting in the process.

Step 9: Stay focused on good things you have in your life in this moment.

Nothing brings prosperity faster than focusing on what you have to be thankful for.

If you’ve never tried the power of Gratitude, take this challenge now to see amazing and unbelievable results.

Gratitude Challenge Worksheet

Feeling intense gratitude directly aligns us to the universal abundance.

Feel good about your life, its gifts, and your ability to change your life easily by just altering your thought process.

Isn’t that great?

Nature has given you this wonderful ability to control what you can have and enjoy, just with your feelings.

Why not use them to create riches and wealth.

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences of manifesting money. 

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  1. I don’t know, I have to ponder this a bit. Good steps, just not sure.. sometimes makes me feel a bit off reading this post. So ponder it more I shall.

  2. A great and well detailed post. Thanks for sharing, I’ve always had trouble manifesting this mindset but I’m sure this post will help moving forward 🙂

  3. I totally agree that your mindset is directly tied to your actions. If you want to change your circumstances and attract money, then you need to change your mindset and the actions of the past that have not brought you money. Great thought-provoking article.

  4. I love the line ‘anxious minds don’t find great solutions’. I think it’s sometimes easier to focus on something (money) intensely and think that’ll help, but all you’re actually doing is just being anxious and that’s it. Thanks for breaking it down into really manageable steps!

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